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“Josh Lebowitz is a terrific supervisor who always gives clear instruction, sage advice, positive feedback and constructive criticism. Moreover, he creates a fun, motivated, team-oriented work environment. Working under Josh is both a pleasure and an education.”

Peter Steinberg

Television & Film Editor

“Josh is a very funny man. Top 1%. But more importantly, he gets things done. Most "funny" "creative" people will flake out when it comes to crunch time, but Josh is rock solid. He was the critical factor in getting Comedy Central's overseas business started, and it was due to both his creative ability and his professionalism. He's on a very short list of world-class creative talent who actually get things done.”

Adrian Blake

Management Consultant, Partners In Performance

“First off, having Josh around for a project brings a smile to everyone's face. Working with Josh is the best thing you'll do that day. He brings an energy to a project, kind of like having a toddler running around your house all day. Best of all, he's on the money every time with creative timing and writing skills, and he's got a great voice for VO to boot. He brings a very well rounded skill set to any project, I wish he was still on the East Coast.”

Mike Gutowitz

Colorist, Online Editor, SonicPool Production

“I have had the experience of working with Josh as a voice over artist and also as a Producer. His VO work is top notch, he takes direction well, and "Gets It" when handed a script. When I engineered Josh produced promos the work was always top notch. He is a great collaborator, an excellent script writer and the end result is always a great spot. I would recommend him in a second to anyone looking for a talented, dedicated writer/producer.”

Kevin McGelligott

President, Big Dog Sound Design & MixCity

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